GUESS WHOS BACK!!! (back again)

Hello lovely people!! I just wanted to share that I am back with the fitness game. I went on a really really long hiatus and now I am back to uplift and hopefully motivate some people :) I also have been living on my own so I can share some money saving tips for those with a budget that is basically non existent. :)

Stay tuned!!

-girl gone fit

Actually Ashley


I started a blog, and i just put up the first post!!! Please go look and read if you will. HOPE YOU ALL ARE HAVING A GREAT NIGHT.

The post is about traveling. :)

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My Instagram:

Hello my beautiful and wonderful followers!

I have made another account that is focused on basically things to make you laugh and things I enjoy outside of fitness. I am also going to be starting a youtube channel along with the other blog so go on over and start following it!


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ileanastevenson42 said: Hi! It says you're in college and I was just wondering what you're going to college for?


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keep fighting.